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Hello Sweetheart,

Nanny has been thinking about you all day and I just finally had a moment without distraction to talk to you. These last few weeks have been crazy and last night I went to bed it was around 1 AM…officially July 11th. Your official due date, my impatient little princess! Some days are better than others..some hours are better than others. Your mommy and daddy needed time apart. I think that they need to be together, but their hurts are so big that they just can’t be right now. I know that you already know this because you are with them both. Mommy went to California to visit your other grandmom and Daddy is staying with various friends. Aunt Jonna & Uncle Jean Luc are at your house watching your big ole puppy, Ty.

I was so mad at him yesterday! I went there and he had made a huge mess in every room but yours. I guess you told him to stay out of there because he did. I cleaned everything and then decided he couldn’t be alone for any amount of time. He has too much energy. I know that we talked in your room yesterday and for the first time I didn’t leave there in tears. I didn’t want to leave at all because I feel you there and I don’t want to let you go. Having you stored in my heart sometimes isn’t enough but I know that is where you really live. Your earthly journey came to an end before you were even supposed to arrive.

To heaven & back! Help me take care of your mommy & daddy. Help me know what to say and when to say it to them both. We will talk again soon my little angel girl!

I love you Payton Elise Carter!!!! To heaven & back!

Your nanny forever & always! Heaven isn’t to far for my love to reach you baby girl!