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Well sweetheart it has been three long weeks since you came and went so quickly from our lives. I feel like we are going through the motions, but I still find that I am easily distracted and thinking about you. All of the hopes, dreams and plans that I thought that I would get to play apart in. Now they are just unrealized dreams. I keep waiting for you to come to me in my dreams like I have asked. So far that has not happened. 😦  Maybe it is better that way because to have to give you up to the daylight would be just as hard as giving you back that last time I held you close and kissed your little face goodbye for now.

I am still so worried about your mommy and daddy.  I hope that they can start moving forward and be kind to one another regardless of if they can work things out or not. You will always link them together. Please help me heal their hearts.

Just needed to talk to you tonight angel girl. Nanny loves you forever and ever! To Heaven and back!!

Sweet Dreams Payton Elise

All my love always,