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Hi Payton Elise,

Your mommy had a doctors appointment today and they gave her some information about what may have happened to you. They told her that she has a gene mutation which causes blood clots and that your umbilical cord was hypo-coiled. They said they could not know about it without DNA testing and blood work. They do not know what caused the cord to be abnormal and they said you were anemic. They told mommy that when she gets pregnant again that she will be considered high risk and she will have to get shots to thin her blood and then pregnancy should be fine. They told her that this gene mutation can cause complications to pregnancy and that is why they give shots. The mutation is called prothrombin gene mutation. The doctor told her that this is very rare and normally found after something like what happened to you happens. This information came from your placenta and we are still waiting for the results from the testing that they are doing with your heel. My sweet princess, I just don’t know why they didn’t test for this and why they didn’t know about the cord. She had numerous ultrasounds and tests. Why don’t they test everyone for these things? A simple blood test may have made all the difference in our world. I do not want ANOTHER family or another sweet baby go through what you and your mommy and daddy did. There has to be a way to these tests included as part of the normal testing.

It gives us some answers but just does not ease my heartache for you angel girl. Tomorrow is a big day baby girl. It is your mommies 22nd birthday and it will be 27 years since your pappy and I had our first date. (I celebrate “July 23rd” more than I do January 6th, which is our actual anniversary because it is a day that we both chose and the day I fell in love with him.) Nanny gets a little mushy sometimes; you will get used to me.

I love you so much angel baby ~ To Heaven and Back…Forever and Always!

As Always your Nanny