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(Your mommy)

Hello sweet angel girl,

Well today, July 23rd, is your mommies 22nd birthday and I even got to see her smile a little. That made the day for me. Your daddy and mommy came over to eat some dinner, get her presents from us and cake that Aunt Jonna made. (She also made cupcakes too.) Aunt Jonna is a pretty good baker, but don’t tell that I said that or it will go to her head.  We sang Happy Birthday to your mommy and she blew out the candles. Then they each had a cupcake before they left to go out for a little while. They are supposed to stop back to pick up the cake to take home. The icing would melt right off of it if they took it and left it in the car! I hope that you have been blowing mommy and daddy kisses all day. They miss you as we all do baby girl. Love you to heaven and back ~ forever & always!

As always your Nanny