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Hi Sweetheart,

The more I try to stay away the more your on my mind and in my thoughts. You would be two months old tomorrow. We should be marveling at the changes in you in these past few months and instead we are still mourning you. I am finally going to make the trip to the cemetery tomorrow to just have some alone time without everyone around. They do not really understand my sadness. Only your mommy really gets it because she is going through it too. Probably much more than even I am. Your daddy is hurting too but he is better at keeping his emotions in check than I am. Pappy even said that he couldn’t believe that two months has passed.

I know that you are not in that cemetery because I know where you live now but I hope that you will come there for a while to spend some time with your nanny. I just want to pretend to hold you one more time and look at your beautiful angel face.

I love you to Heaven and Back ~Forever and Always! ~

As Always Your Nanny!