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Hi sweetheart,

Well it has been two months since you went home to live with Jesus and I miss you so much that it hurts. I did finally go to the cemetery where they placed your remembrance stone. It is a beautiful place and I brought you a few things to put there for when you visit with us. I hope that you like what I brought for you especially the butterflies. Butterflies mean a lot to your mommy. Maybe she will tell you the reason why one day when she visits with you. Thank you for being there when I was so that I could spend some Payton and Nanny time. We did not have much of that before they took from us that final time on this earth.

Mommy and Daddy will be visiting there soon and I know that you visit them at home too. We love you and miss you bunches baby girl.

I love you to Heaven and Back ~Forever and Always!~As always your Nanny