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The Darkness tries it’s best to pull me in but I cannot live without your light. I need your guidance Lord and I am trying to hold on so tightly to your promise. Things seems to be getting harder and harder for those that I love. My fear is getting the better of me and it starts to pull me to places that I have never been and do not want to go. This is not me and this is not what you want for me, from me, nor does it honor my sweet angel girl. Pull me through this Lord. This is the time when I need to see the set of footprints in the sand as you carry me until I can stand alone again.

Help me win this fight over the darkness that wants to consume me. Restore me and my faith father, this is my plea. I BELIEVE and hold on with all my might.  You ARE the TRUTH, You ARE the LIGHT, and You ARE the WAY! (The only way)

I believe.