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Restore Me -by Barbara Divelbliss-Carter (Payton’s Nanny)

Trying to sleep late last night this came into my head and would not go away until I wrote it down. Maybe it is something that I needed and maybe it came from you to me. Either Way I am sharing it.

The Darkness tries its’ best to pull me in but I cannot live without your light.

Pull me back from the ledge that I am standing on.

Make all the wrongs in my world right again.

My faith has been shaken and rocked to its’  foundation but I know it is still there.

I can feel it deep down inside of me and I know that is where my strength lives.

Lost within myself with all this hurt and pain.

I need new life breathed into my heart and soul so that I can be whole again.

Renew my faith in you Dear God ~ That is what I pray – Your are the only truth, the only light and the only way! ~