Hi Sweet Angel girl,

Nanny misses you so much! People say it gets easier with time but it really does not. There is never a day that I do not think about you or Jessica. I really have to wonder how she would feel about how her family is embracing Cory while treating your daddy and Cammy’s daddy so poorly. I do not believe that she would be pleased. I think that she would probably be okay with them being some what supportive of Cory but I think that she would expect them to do that for your daddy too. Your Aunt Jonna and I went to Cory’s hearing to be there as a member of Cammy’s support team and for your daddy. He did not think that it would be good for him to attend and that it might send the wrong message. I understand being supportive and even forgiving of Cory but there was no sign of worry from him and they laughed and hugged like he was not there for taking her life. I just can’t understand that myself. While I do not think that putting him in jail for years and years is the right answer there has to be some sort of accountability from him. He already had two previous convictions that did not involve a death and that did not make him stop drinking and getting on the roadways. I am sure that right now that he is remorseful and repentant but for how long? Something needs to be done to make sure that he can never hurt another person, loved by him or not. While her family embraces him; they are still keeping all of us away from your brother. How can they be that way when Cam needs everyone who loves him to be there for him? He needs his father to keep his sense of self and to know where he comes from and he needs lots of love and understanding. I wish that they could see that too. Maybe they will one day but until then the legal fees are building up and maybe they are hoping that if he can’t afford to keep fighting that he won’t fight. I started a fund to try to raise money to help but so far there is not much support and that saddens me because we have always helped others even when we really did not have much to give. I pray that it picks up and that we can at least come up with the $1000 needed for the home study that the court is requiring before we can move forward anymore. Please pull some strings little angel girl!