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Whispers of angels are running around in my head.
Just hoping that one of them is you; I miss you today as I always do. A part of me hopes that will stop one day while another part hopes it never does because you my darling angel girl are unforgettable no matter how short your visit to us was.
This day, the 21st always makes me pause and I know that next month will even be harder. Your first birthday and all of the should have “been’s” but never “were’s” will haunt me. I am still trying to find my way back to a complete trust in God but I struggle and maybe I always will. I do still believe that you are with God and that I will be reunited with you one day and that provides some peace. I just cannot help wanting to be selfish and wanting you to be here, watching you grow and change. I know that you are still growing but I cannot see it now. I love you my sweet one and only granddaughter ~Payton Elise Carter~.
I love you to Heaven and Back ~Forever and Always~.
All my love –as always,
Your Nanny