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Hello my darling angel girl,

My heart is so heavy tonight as tomorrow is your 1st Birthday /1st Angelversary. I finally forced myself to walk back into the hospital where I last held you in my arms. (I hold you in my heart forever.) I promised you that I would make sure that no other family experienced what your mommy and daddy did, at least the one thing that I could promise that is and that is that no other family would have their precious baby brought to them in that tiny white body bag. Of all the memories with you my sweet angel girl that is the only one that I wish that I could take away from your mommy and daddy. It is the one that I wish that I had not witnessed too. While it will not change things for us just knowing that because of you that no other family will witness that gives me a sense of peace. I spoke to several people and finally the right person because they are going to start immediately created a procedure that all of the staff will follow to ensure that this never happens again. We all looked at your beautiful photo’s and many of them cried with me. All I want is for no one else to have those precious few hours marred by something for insensitive. They are going to contact me when the procedure has been finalized for me to review and give feedback on it. I feel like I did something good in honor of you today like I promised that I would do. Now that this visit is over, the hardest one because this is where you were at, I am going to contact other hospitals and ask if they have a procedure in place and if not I am going to plead with them put one in place to spare other families this added grief and trauma. You give me strength and resolve to follow through little princess. I made one last stop in the hospital and that was at the chapel where I prayed last year and begged God to please let you be okay. I even found what I had written in the prayer book. Someone had written that they were praying for us on 6/26/13. An unknown stranger who cared and it warms my heart. I wrote in the book again today and I hope that if someone reads it that it gives them hope. I love you my sweet angel girl and nanny will see at our place tomorrow afternoon to celebrate your day baby girl.

I love you to heaven and back ~forever and always!~

As always,

Your Nanny