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Hello my sweetheart,

I hope that you enjoyed your special day today. I hope you like all that we got for you especially the balloons with our messages of love to you. We sang to you and had birthday cake all in your honor little angel girl. It was a beautiful day that could have only been better if we could have seen you there but I know that you were with us and that you are back home with mommy and daddy tonight. One year ago I held you in my arms and gave you sweet kisses. I never wanted to let you go but Jesus already had you in his arms while you waited for us to all have our turns. He let you hear our stories, the little songs I sang to you, you got to see daddy and mommy hold you in their arms while they quietly wept. Even though you never made a sound or opened your beautiful eyes, the mark you left on our hearts will never fade and you will live on forever because we will share you and tell others about our beautiful silent angel.

Today was so much better than I thought it would be and God kept most of our tears away. Only when your pappy found your party hat that he so wanted you to have did we breakdown a little bit. I am sure the people in the store wonder what was wrong but no one asked or acted like anything was wrong. Now your mommy and daddy have some more precious gifts for your memory box. We will keep filling it with treasures for our princess until we join you in heaven one day. Happy 1st birthday/1st Angelversary little one!!!

We love you to Heaven and Back ~Forever and Always!~

As always your Nanny