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Hello my darling angel girl,

It has been a while since I have written anything but we talk every day. So much has happened and I know that you have been with me the entire time giving me strength, comfort and peace from above. Pappy’s heart attack, surgery, rehab, then back for the second surprise surgery and some set backs but he is finally on the road to recovery. It was scary for a while. More so than I let anyone else know but I knew that we were not alone and that he was being watched over by you and other family members. Thank you baby girl!

Now we are waiting for your baby brothers arrival on Wednesday. We are excited, nervous, a little scared of all that could happen, all of the things that we never even thought about before you our sweet girl. Please help to keep him safe, healthy, happy, and most of all loud and alert when he arrives so we all can rejoice. I know that you hand picked him for your mommy and daddy so he will be all that they hope for and more.

Kiss him one more time and then send him on his way to us to love and raise.

Nanny loves you Payton Elise Carter!!! To heaven and back ~Forever & Always~!!

As always,

Your Nanny