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Hello my sweet angel girl,

Nanny is having a tough day today and missing you like crazy. Not that I don’t miss you like crazy everyday but today I went to a funeral for a 9 year old girl and it’s Thursday. I will never in a million zillion years understand why or the purpose behind losing a child to death. Watching and hearing the anguish and heartbreak is just too much today. Your 4th birthday is just around the corner and it still feels like yesterday when we lost you to heaven.

Just needed a little Payton & Nanny time this afternoon. I love you baby girl and always will. Please watch out for Julissa Abby Hernandez ~5/22/08 -6/05/17 and be her friend. She will be the one smiling and singing Selena songs. Love you to heaven & back ~Forever & Always~ Your Nanny ❤ ❤ ❤