Happy 4th Birthday/Angelversary Payton Elise!! Such a bittersweet and beautiful day today has been my love. Woke up this morning feeling a little melancholy but a joyfulness because it is your special day replaced that feeling. I left work a few hours early and met your Aunt Jonna, and your cousins – Miah, Ethan, and Jaxon at Bear Creek Cemetery. We sang happy birthday, played with silly string, left you some presents, and had Minion Cupcakes. We sent birthday messages to you on Balloons that we released. (Although Ethan said that he did not think that Payton & Heaven needed the Red Balloon..he did release it. 🙂 ) I went to Baylor Grapevine Hospital as I do every year and said a prayer in the Chapel and wrote in the prayer book. I also got a baby girl outfit and put it in a gift bag with a tag in Honor of your birthday and to celebrate the birth of a brand new baby girl at the hospital. There had only been boys born when I was there but the L & D Nurses promised that the 1st baby girl born today or just the next one born there would receive this gift. Hope she is born today but either way hope this mystery family is blessed. I think that you would approve of the day and how you have been celebrated.  Your mommy & her friends sent you birthday balloons and wishes too. So many people love you and celebrate your special day. I hope you able to see each and every wish and gesture of love sweet angel girl. 

Until the next time…I love you ~Forever & Always – To Heaven & Back~

All my love baby girl,

Always Your Nanny ❤